We believe that all animals from dogs, cats and horses, to birds and wildlife are conscious, feeling, emotional beings that should be treated with kindness and respect. To that end, I Think I Love You Animal Foundation promises to adhere to our 6 Guiding Principles:
  -- Love, kindness and respect--
To exemplify and spread the principles of love, kindness and respect for all living creatures.

  -- Authenticity--Stay true to our purpose with honesty and integrity.
  -- Lead by example--
Be the change we want to see, "walk the walk" and be the voice for animals.
  --Foster New Vision--
Enlighten and spark change in mindsets and attitudes that will serve as conductors for new public policies and programs to protect animals.
Be open and honest in our relationships and
--Positive Influence--
Impact animal welfare on a global level through
education that animals are conscious, feeling, emotional beings.