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Shortly after Dixieland Squall's arrival she came down with “shipping fever”, is to be expected. Antibiotics have been started and she should be feeling better in a couple days even though she isn’t feeling too bad as we caught it early. She is still eating and drinking well just getting a little snotty. She had her teeth floated so she should be more comfortable eating now as she is missing a tooth on top and the bottom one was rubbing in that spot, so we filed it down. She had an old rip on her vulva, probably a result from poor breeding practices, so we performed a caslicks procedure and sutured that up to prevent in future uterine infections. She was checked NOT in foal so that’s a good thing! Now we just give her time to heal and get some good nutrition and all the cookies she wants.

On Wednesday November 30th, 2022 Dixieland Squall received a session with a PEMF which she thoroughly enjoyed. We were informed she was not tight or tense, which is great news. 

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