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In the spirit of David Cassidy, we believe this gift to Korbyn is inspirational for man and horse alike and we are proud to support this important work in David's memory.

Our mission and hopes were to sponsor Korbyn Gold, a therapy horse at Tulsa Boys' Home for one full year. Thanks to your generosity, Korbyn Gold's food and other expenses are paid in full for 2022!


I Think I Love You Animal Foundation is proud to sponsor Korbyn Gold, a majestic retired thoroughbred and Racing Warrior now providing equine therapy. After Korbyn and several of his friends had some much deserved time off after a lifetime of racing, they found their new calling and began “work” as therapy horses at the Tulsa Boys’ Home in Oklahoma providing equine assisted therapy to troubled youth. He is a gem of a horse with loads of personality and is extremely sweet natured. 


Korbyn's life and new career is dedicated to serving young boys who've had a rough start in life.  The mental and physical therapy Korbyn provides these youth is invaluable  - learning to build trust, communication and interpersonal skills, cope with emotions, overcome fears, and teaching responsibility.  The mutual friendship between horse and boy builds these attributes while providing a much needed and wanted role in life for Korbyn and other retired Racing Warriors like him. Learn more about the Tulsa Boys' Home Equine Therapy Program here:



Korbyn Gold's Story:

Following a respectable racing career, Korbyn Gold left the track as a multiple stakes winner and was graded stakes placed.  He was retired in good faith by his previous owners to Friends of Ferdinand as an adoption prospect.  However, he was ultimately deemed un-rideable due to typical wear and tear in his ankles that these warriors often endure from racing year after year.  In December 2011 Korbyn was offered a forever home through The Exceller Fund and entered their Racing Warrior Campaign where he was placed with the Tulsa Boys' Home. Korbyn Gold Career stats: Earned $568,309 in 66 races (record: 20-11-7). Last race was Feb. 2010 Learn about the campaign here:




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